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Ric Fulop Speaks Of The Ambitious Plan To Launch 3D Metal Printers

May 2, 2017 Posted in Best Online Shopping Deals by No Comments

A123 Systems co-founder Ric Fulop has promised that his company is in the final laps of bringing to the market 3D printing machines that will make to an end the current office ‘menace’ of a slow printing business.

In his latest announcement, the former venture capitalist said this will be the next big deal that the 3D printing industry has ever seen.

Over the past few years that Fulop associated with the 3D metal printing company, much has been realized including the raising of close to $100 million, part of which reinvested in the production of 3D printing machines. According to Fulop will totally transform how mass production and office work were done in future.

Ric Fulop Speaks Of The Ambitious Plan To Launch 3D Metal Printers

In spite of having industry veterans in his company, which include BMW, Google, and GE, 3D metal printing has for a long time been silent on how it plans to transform the distribution sector.

But now, Fulop has confirmed that his company will not hesitate and that it doesn’t plan to keep anybody waiting but to move swiftly into making what others have called the ‘ambitious’ plan work out.

Desktop Metal’s plan is to bring to the market what the world has never seen about 3D printing. Following the announcement, it is now clear that there are two high-end products in the pipeline.

The products will feature on affordability without compromising on the quality. The other thing that will be a consideration in Fulop’s statement is timeliness.

In a recent public release, the co-founder argued that it is indeed awkward for companies to spend a million dollars on products that it will not receive in 3 weeks.

Instead, Fulop said that what they are planning will only keep customers waiting for just 5 hours!

“It is indeed sad to spend a million dollars, and you are kept waiting for the parts you’ve paid. This is time wasting. Our turnaround time will be only 5 hours. That will lower the cost and many more companies and industries will benefit,” Fulop said.

It is also evident that following the announcement to reduce ordering time of 3D printing parts, more high-end companies such as Caterpillar, Lowe’s, and BMW have expressed immense interests in collaborating to sustain and enhance the market.

Several other ‘Fortune 50’, the elite group of companies that have been in operation for many decades, has confirmed that they are willing to use both product lines. They have also vowed to partner in whatever way that will ensure further product development.

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