What To Look For In Toner Cartridges

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What To Look For In Toner Cartridges

Do you work in the service industry? Are you intending to operate your own small business that offers printing services? Does your office need a toner cartridge? Well, if the answers to the above concerns are a resounding yes, then you need to first know what the term toner cartridge’ means.

At times referred to as laser toner, the toner cartridge is a component that is consumable in a laser printer. The component contains a toner, which is responsible for producing the image onto copy paper.

There is a little difference though between the toner cartridge and what is referred to as laser toner.

While ink is in liquid form, a toner is powdery. An intricate process takes place during the image processing period that results in the electrically charging the toner, which is in a powdery state to take the image to the paper.

Nonetheless, for the image to be permanent, another tool is used that is called the fuser. The work of this tool is to heat to the point of melting the laser toner.

For your printer to function properly and to serve you for many days, it is advisable to use spare parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer usually called OEM.

While this is what every ‘serious’ manufacturer should say, it helps. The OEM is the only company that fully understands their product(s). Besides, this is one way of selling more of their products. That is exactly what you would do in their position.

When buying spare parts and more products from OEM, you are guaranteed of discount printer ink.

When purchasing from OEM you will get other advantages such as compatible toner cartridges that would serve you even better thanks to all new parts that can fit in it. Besides, it is pocket-friendly but very efficient.

Whether you buy a brand that has been on the market for a long time or a manufacturer that mushroomed the other day, you need to know what you are looking for.

How To Choose

OEM toner cartridge is perhaps the most valued part of your printer. However, there might not be any difference with OEM cartridge, a refurbished toner cartridge or even a quality and compatible toner cartridge.

So, the major thing you need to be keen on is when an OEM tells you to use a compatible toner cartridge claiming that it is a real toner cartridge.

In the real sense, your manufacturer is trying to tell you, ‘even this cartridge can do better for your printer.’

The term even will tell you that there is something else that is the real thing. Same is the case with recycled or refurbished cartridges. They will work but they are all ‘generic’ not original.

Just insist on OEM toner cartridges.

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